While we’re all gearing up for the lifting of lockdown and what we hope will be an uninterrupted summer full of socialising and indulging, we know that planning a family trip away can be a stress in itself.

We hope to make your life just that little bit easier when it comes to rounding up the family unit for an unforgettable post-lockdown staycation, with these short and sweet tips on the most essential part of getting ready for your trip: PACKING!

Here are our top tips to make your packing palaver a whole lot more forgiving...

  1. Lay out what you think you need, then edit without remorse:

Think twice about everything you’re putting in your bag, and make sure you’re packing exactly what you’ll need. Do your best to forget about the ‘in case I need it’, because chances are, you probably won’t. And if you do, you can buy it!

  1. Think Tetris:

Every item in your bag should be strategically placed and packed. Think about accessibility and prioritise the things you think you’ll need to access the most, if you need to at all.

Try one of these simple packing techniques:

  • Rolling clothes maximises space and lessens the chance of creasing.
  • Packing cubes are a great addition to your suitcase for those longer trips away and help keep everything beautifully organised.
  • Try out the bundle packing technique.

Whatever your method, the goal should be to fill every empty space.

  1. Toiletries - keep them close! They should always be the last thing you pack and left completely accessible at the top of your suitcase or in their own compartment.
  1. Travelling with the family? The more you leave behind, the merrier! (Apart from nappies, you can never have too many nappies!) Kids usually come with an arsenal of toys, cribs, car seats, an assortment of snacks and more. But a lot of the time, they take up additional and unnecessary space, and it’s likely your accommodation can provide most of those items on arrival. (For instance, at South Winchester Lodges, we provide travel cots, bed guards and highchairs.) Make sure to check with your getaway venue before hitting the road!
  1. Our personal favourite… here’s what NOT to pack:

Toiletries - now we’re not saying DON’T take toiletries, what we are saying is only take what you really actually need.

Sports gear - Try and pack as light as possible when it comes to gym gear. If your workout leggings or shorts can double up as a normal outfit, then win win!

Neck pillows - You’d be surprised at just how much valuable space these can waste. Try and opt for an inflatable neck pillow if you really need one.

Whether you’re travelling afar or staying close to home, it always helps to know how to pack your holiday bag as nifty as possible.

We hope you found some of our tips helpful! Let us know if you have any secret packing tips that could benefit another!

Packing isn’t the only thing we might need a hand with. Check out our blog post ‘How to have a relaxing family getaway… Yes, it is possible!’ for more tips on ensuring a smooth family staycation.

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