Booking Terms & Conditions- Five Star, Short Let


Booking Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of an Agreement between you, the person making the booking, and referred in these terms and conditions as ‘the Guest' and us, Country Retreats Limited.

  1. Country Retreats Limited (‘Country Retreats’) only ever acts as an Agent for property owners at South Winchester Lodges in the exclusive letting of their properties to guests. Country Retreats lets the property or properties and makes all letting arrangements on behalf of the owner and the letting by the owner and the taking by you of the property for the letting period is a contract direct between you, the guest, and the property owner who remains throughout responsible for supplying to you the property in the condition stated by the owner.
  2. Bookings shall be made by telephone
    b. Bookings are only confirmed when a damage deposit and the first 4 weeks rent has been paid and you have received a booking confirmation in writing by e-mail or post. On payment of the deposit you, the guest, are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
    c. Country Retreats regret that they cannot accept bookings from:-
    . - Any person under the age of 25.

. - Single sex groups of more than 6 people unless agreed by Country Retreats.
. - Parties where the majority of the members are under the age of 25, with the exception of families or supervised groups.

  1. The rate agreed will be documented on your booking statement. A schedule of payment will be agreed prior to the commencement of the let and funds will automatically be debited on the agreed date. The agreement between Country Retreats and you the guest will be terminated should payment not be received as per the agreed payment schedule.
  2. Payment- we will require a debit in order to take payment and secure a booking. These card details will be stored securely and used to process all future payments as per payment plan and for weekly electricity charges. If you the guest wishes to use an alternative card please ensure that these details are provided before the scheduled payment dates. Please note that only debit cards accepted
  3. Electricity fee- meter reading is taken on check in then billed at 15p per KWhr. Charges will be debited fortnightly from credit/debit card and an account statement with record of charges sent via email.
  4. Additional Charges

Check out clean- £95-150 depending on condition on check out

Carpet clean- £80 required if dog is in property

Optional extra charges

Weekly cleaning service £45

Additional Linen- £35 per full set of towels and linen

Green fees £25 per 18 holes

  1. Damage deposit - A damage deposit of £500 will be charged on confirmation of a booking. An inventory of the property will be provided on check in. The damage deposit will be refunded to you within 14 days of departure minus any costs for damages to the property, its contents, fixtures/fittings etc. The damage deposit does not limit your liability to damages etc. There is an automatic charge for a check out clean of £95-£150 (dependant on the condition of the lodge) which will be deducted from your damage deposit. If you have arranged for a dog to stay in the property then a carpet clean charge will also be deducted automatically form the damage deposit.
  2. Property Maintenance and access to the property- You the guest are responsible of notifying Country Retreats of any maintenance issues concerning the property as soon as any issue is detected. You the guest are expected to keep the property and its contents in a good clean condition throughout your stay. A regular check will be carried out Country Retreats. Country Retreats will notify you of should they require access to the lodge. Occasionally access to the lodge may be required to show potential guests around. Country Retreats will give you due warning should access for this reason be required.
  3. All reservations by guest’s resident outside of the United Kingdom must be made in pounds sterling using a credit or debit card.




  1. Cancellation
  2. Once a booking has been confirmed by Country Retreats, you remain responsible for the total cost of the booking for all the agreed dates booked, these will be detailed on your account statement.
  3. All cancellations must be notified to Country Retreats in writing prior to the commencement date of the letting.
    c. Once a booking has been accepted and processed by Country Retreats then if you, the guest, decide you would like to extend your stay, then this is possible providing there is sufficient availability.
  4. If you no longer require accommodation for all the dates that you have booked then no refund is issued as standard. However, Country Retreats will endeavour to resell your dates and offer a refund on any monies recouped less £25 cancellation fee.
    e. If for any reason, beyond the control of the owner of the property, the property is unavailable for example because of flood, fire damage or other circumstances, then Country Retreats will provide you, the guest, with at least 4 weeks’ notice of non-availability where ever possible.
  5. Country Retreats, where possible, will try and provide alternative accommodation and if no alternative is available, a full refund will be provided to you, even if this is up to the day of the start of your stay.
    g. Neither the owner or Country Retreats will be liable for any form of damages, compensation or expenses claimed by the guest in respect of the non-availability of accommodation, except as provided for by a refund as set out above.
  6. You will occupy the property for the purposes of your stay only and for no other purpose. The property will normally be available to you from 4pm on the first day of the accommodation booked. All guests and occupiers, luggage, property, vehicles etc must vacate the property completely by 10.00 am on the last date of the accommodation letting.
  7. All windows and doors must be checked and securely locked. In the event that keys are not returned, then a charge will be incurred by you to cover locksmith costs to change locks and replace keys.
  8. You, the guest, are responsible for leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition.
  9. You, the guest, shall not permit the property to be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons stated in each property description
  10. The guest who has booked the property must occupy it for the purposes of a stay for themselves and not with any other person not named on the booking form unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.
  11. Guests are responsible for providing their own linen and towels unless they have pre-booked a linen package. A weekly cleaning service or additional linen changes can also be arranged at an additional charge please notify Country Retreats should you wish this service.
  12. You, the guest, agree with Country Retreats as follows:-
    Deductions from the damage deposit will be taken to cover the expense of putting right any damage or loss caused excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during your stay even if the sum proves to be in excess of the damage deposit.
  13. You, the guest, agree:-
    Not to cause nuisance, excessive noise or annoyance to occupiers of neighbouring properties.
    To allow reasonable access to the property by anyone authorised by the owner and in particular to Country Retreats.
  14. If in the opinion of the owner or Country Retreats you, the guest, are not deemed suitable to continue occupation of the property because of your behaviour or damage to the property or nuisance to other parties, then this agreement may be terminated without notice and the owner or Country Retreats will be entitled to repossess the property immediately without any compensation to you. Country Retreats reserves the right to refuse bookings for whatever reason.
  15. Country Retreats will allow dogs to stay in the property with prior arrangement only. No other pets including cats are permitted to stay in the property. You, the guest, agree that you will do the following in respect of occupation of the property by your pets, where they are permitted:-
    No more than two dogs may occupy the property at any one time.

A charge of £80 will be debited from the damage deposit on check out to cover the cost of cleaning the carpets throughout the property
All dogs should be kept under strict control at all times whilst on the property.
Dogs shall not be permitted in the bedrooms, bathrooms or to go onto furniture.
Dogs shall not be left in the property unattended or in your vehicle outside of the property at anytime.
Should dogs be left unattended and disturb guests, then this may be deemed as unreasonable behaviour and warrant an invitation for you to vacate the property.
Any fouling of internal areas shall be professionally cleaned and the cost borne by the guest.
Any fouling of lawns, paths or outside surfaces shall be cleared up without delay, by you the guest. Failure to do this will result in additional charges being made which will be recovered from the damage deposit.
Guests should provide dogs bedding and necessary equipment, including food and water bowls, including towels.
Dogs should only be left at night in the area indicated in the properties guest information folder.
The following breeds of dog are not permitted even where muzzled as required by law:- American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Doga Argentino.

  1. All properties handled by Country Retreats are subject to a strict no-smoking policy and any damage caused to the property or its contents by smoke or cigarette burns to cover damages, costs and cleaning of the property may be charged or deducted from the damage deposit. Smoking is permitted outside the property on condition that all cigarette butts and ash are cleared and disposed of, by you, the guest, before departure.
  2. Parking is available for two vehicles per property, additional guest parking is also available on site, please ask a member of the management team for details. All vehicles are parked at the guest's risk and neither the property owner nor Country Retreats shall be liable for any damage to the vehicle or theft of personal items stored in it.
  3. A property information section is included in the guest information folder provided at the property by the owner. You are advised to read the property information section upon your arrival at the property and familiarise yourself with the operation of safety, electrical and other equipment in accordance with any guidance provided. The information is provided to make your stay a safe and happy one, but no liability can be accepted by Country Retreats for the content of the property information and your reliance on it.
  4. If you, the guest, feel you have a reason for complaint, then you should notify Country Retreats immediately so that steps can be taken for remedial action. Country Retreats are expected to act on behalf of the owner in dealing with your complaint quickly and efficiently and if you do not complain at the time when you are staying at the property, by leaving it until after your stay has ended, then Country Retreats and the owner cannot provide any form of compensation as you would have not given Country Retreats an opportunity to remedy the matters you have complained of.
  5. If you, the guest, or any members of your party leave any personal belongings inside the property you will be charged the cost of postage and packaging to have them returned to you. Any items found by the servicing company responsible for the property will be disposed of within 7 days if not claimed. All perishable foods will automatically be disposed of at the time of the changeover.
  6. Country Retreats will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of the owner or any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to personal property which the guest or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of or in any way connected with the occupation of the property. In addition, the owners and Country Retreats accept no liability for loss or damage to the guest's possessions on the owner's property or land.
  7. We, Country Retreats and you, the guest, agree that the law applying to this Contract will be English law and that we agree that the jurisdiction of the English Courts shall apply in any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement.



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