Autumn is finally here and so is the smell of pumpkin spice latte, cosy movie nights, rainy days, and more cups of tea! It is easy to spot the beautiful crisp leaves falling on the ground in various, amazing colours. And like any other season, autumn has its beauties and not so adorable sides, however, this could be a great time to slow down and take some time for a quick holiday escape. In this month’s blog, we have put together Autumn’s Bucket List as well as the most interesting events happening this September in the city of Winchester.

  1. Go darker and try a red or darker nail colour and lipstick 💄💅
  2. Change your wardrobe and take out those knitted, warm, fluffy jumpers
  3. Go to a local food festival or visit a famous brewery to have🍻
  4. Treat yourself with hot chocolate and marshmallows ☕
  5. Binge-watch your favourite series, or just make a movie marathon… popcorns with extra butter, please 😊 🍿
  6. Travel to a new destination and learn a new skill – sewing, pottery, horse riding, you name it… 😇
  7. Learn to cook a new meal, perhaps an autumn taste, try something spicier if you are a fan of it 🌶
  8. Have a walk in the rain and perhaps act childish, just dance, and jump in a puddle 😝

And if you are looking for a better motivation to book your September staycation, let us list for you some of the most exciting events happening in and around Winchester.

  • Winchester Heritage Open Days Festival – 9th – 18th September
    Walks and talks, livestreaming, and workshops, presented by local businesses and charities showcasing their work. Explore the local history and economy and immerse yourself in the spirit of Winchester.


  • Taste of Wickham Festival – 11th of September
    A perfect day out in Wickham for the whole family, offering food, crafts and arts, children’s entertainment, alcoholic beverages, gifts, and jewellery.


  • Winchester Jazz Festival and Play to the Crowd Zara McFarlane Live – 25th of September, 7.30 PM
    Zara McFarlane is an award-winning singer and songwriter, who will be performing for you sounds from jazz to reggae, to folk. Book your tickets from the Theatre Royal Winchester.


So, if you are looking for the perfect time to take a few days off this autumn, what better time than this September?! Here at South Winchester Lodges, we would love to take care of your perfect fall staycation, while you take some rest and explore the local events and sightseeings.

Book your cosy autumn holiday with us, and enjoy the start of the new season! 🍂🍁

Photo by John Mccann on Unsplash