It was lovely;  turkeys consumed, cheeks kissed, loved ones met, gifts bestowed and memories made.  Now, after all the shopping, the cooking and the twice daily hoovering to receive impromptu guests, it's time to pop your feet up and take a very well deserved break!

We know it can be tempting to enter yet another flurry after the festivities in the form of finding new homes for all the new toys, cleaning and rearranging once the decorations come down and even booking yet more social engagements for the ones you didn't manage to fit in over Christmas.  We humbly suggest that it is, in fact, very much time to relax, and we just happen to have the perfect place to do so.

What makes a break with us more restful than being at home?

Other than the fact that we have done all the chores for you?  We can even do the shopping for you if you so choose - thus you avoid all queues and temperamental self-checkout machines!  How about the setting?  We are ensconced in the middle of ancient woodlands. The wonderful thing about trees is that no matter the season they are always a welcome sight.  In full bloom they are colourful and home to many nests.  In the winter, they are bare but all the more impressive because you can see just how high up the branches go.  Also, no busy roads to speak of so you really can enjoy some tranquillity.  We submit that our lodges, surrounded by nature, are truly restful and in stark contrast to the hubbub of the ‘December rush’.  We also boast pamper parties and individual treatments so you can get all the knots massaged away that you obtained while lifting a 20 pound turkey in and out of the oven to ensure an even baste! 

Once you have had your fill of feet up, being pampered, enjoying strolls as you meander the walking trails and cycling trails on our doorstep and indulging in the champagne you can have delivered to your door, why not enjoy the January sales in Winchester?  We are far enough away that you can pretend they are not there, but close enough (just 3 miles to the city centre) if you decide to partake! There are mainstream shops, boutiques, food and drinks shops, fashion, jewellery, book shops, game shops, galleries, antiques and lots of independent shops to peruse. Did we mention most have sales on?

Whilst in town you can choose from pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants, who also do the work for you so that you can really embrace the term R&R!  Speaking of, did we mention that some of our lodges have their own private hot tubs?  Those without hot tubs are still award winning, fully furnished and very comfortable! Each kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to make your stay exactly how you want it to be.

If you are of the same mindset as us, you may be thinking about enjoying a luxury stay from after Christmas though the New Year!  None of this ‘which party to be seen at’, who not to offend by politely declining, what to wear, where to go, who should cater, who should babysit, phew!  We get tired just thinking about it.  Why not spend it with us?  You can bring your own booze as well as your nearest and dearest, what else is there to think about?  - Apart from which resolutions to make of course!

Just for fun - 

Do you know the most commonly made (and broken!) New year's resolutions?  We do!  Don’t worry, we will tell you!  In the words of Ant and Dec, ‘in no particular order’:

  1. Live life to the fullest - which you can do right here!  A veritable cornucopia of shops, activity, museums, galleries, entertainment, country walks and Michelin star restaurants to visit!
  2. Save more money / spend less money - incidentally, a luxury stay with us will cost less than putting on a ‘gathering’ with 20 more people than you initially wanted to invite!
  3. Exercise more - we mentioned the woodlands, walking trails and cycling trails right?
  4. Spend more time with family and friends - the aforementioned nearest and dearest sharing in this wonderful trip with you.
  5. Get organized - it’s easy to book with us, simply call or email to check our availability! 
  6. Learn a new skill or hobby - many a hobby awaits you in Winchester, will it be trawling through antique shops to find the hidden gems, finally getting to grips with the gears on a cycle bike or discovering a love of bird watching in the South Downs? 
  7. Travel more - no one said you needed to go across the other side of the world to travel and experience new things! 
  8. Read More - We have the perfect settling, no interruptions, no visitors, just a very comfy, warm place to enjoy the latest literature

Funny how the most popular ones just happen to coincide with the luxury breaks we offer, isn't it 😀

At the moment we have availability for our post Christmas breaks from 27th December with prices from just £70 per person per night and New Year short breaks starting from 29th December.  Click here to check our availability.  However you spend your Christmas we hope it’s full of love and laughter and we hope to see you soon!