Lockdown has been hard for some and harder for most, and we know just how much you all need a relaxing, luxurious and easy stay away from your normal abode.
Whilst you can’t join us for holiday purposes at the moment, you can create relaxation in your space at home.
Here is our guide to making your lockdown feel like a South Winchester Lodges Staycation, until we can welcome you through our doors again:

  1. Firstly, make sure your space is clean and organised. Create space where there was once clutter, sometimes a monumental task! Enjoying your freshly cleaned and organised space, feel a sense of accomplishment and relaxation knowing that your home is set up for the ultimate afternoon and evening in. 
  2. Run yourself a bath! Add whatever self-care bath-bits (bubbles are essential) you’ve been neglecting for too long and light a few candles throughout your home, it’s amazing how much of a difference a small action can make to your surroundings and mood!
  3. Make yourself a cream tea! We offer these on arrival and love relaxing in the garden or the lounge with some sweet nibbles and a good cuppa. 
  4. Enjoy a bicycle ride through the countryside on a sunny day - we always encourage our guests to explore what Winchester’s countryside has to offer when they stay with us. 
  5. Add to your ‘me-time’ with some essential oils, we use locally grown and made lavender oils, and there’s no better way to unwind. 
  6. Have a BBQ! (When it gets a little warmer!) We love a BBQ on a spring or summer evening, it’s a great way of bringing everyone together - whether it’s your housemates or family. 
  7. We love fresh flowers, and highly suggest adding these to your space. And why not pick them yourself? We offer beautiful bouquets of handpicked local flowers when booking a Fizz & Flowers Reception. 
  8. Create an at-home picnic basket! Although we can’t really go out and enjoy a picnic, we can enjoy one at home. Create your favourite snack platter and relax in your garden. We promise to give you the best posh picnic next time we see you, when you order through The Little Kitchen Company!
  9. On that note, why not grab a bottle of fizz from the cupboard, or the shops, and enjoy a few bubbles. Did you know a glass of Prosecco has fewer calories than a banana? ;)
  10. Winchester is full of history, and it’s great to dive into the local culture. Look up any historical trails or sites in your area, and do a walk-by next time you’re out on a stroll. (Remember to stay local!)
  11. Dine-in Dinners - one of our favourite ways to spend an evening. Create your perfect dine-in meal menu!

Of course, doing these things at home isn’t quite the same as having them done for you here at South Winchester Lodges.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to start taking bookings for Spring and Summer! Family, friends, couples or business, we’ve got a lodge to suit every need.

Get ahead and book your post-lockdown staycation with us today - Click here!