It’s that time of year when we dust off the grills, stock up on the coal and de-rust the spatulas, oh yes, the Time of the BBQ has arrived!  A staple, in our opinion, of every quintessential Great British Summer.  Incidentally, did you know that the 1950s saw a UK BBQ Boom, increasing in popularity over the years to the much-loved tradition that we enjoy today.  The concept did, however, originate from the indigenous peoples of north and south America.  The world’s largest ever BBQ was held in Mexico in 2013, it had over 45,000 people who consumed over 8 tons of meat!  A great way to bring people together.

What makes a BBQ great?

  • Always marinate your meat for optimum flavour
  • Remember to grease the grill – no one wants a disintegrated sausage
  • Treat your outdoor grill like an oven and preheat
  • Try not to overcrowd the grill; the burgers, bangers and drummers and not the best of friends, they need space to sizzle!
  • Try your hand at making your own sauce – you may just create a work of culinary art!

Family time

One of the perks of being away from home is the ability to be spontaneous!  No commute, school run or chores, just the choice to do whatever you like.  One of the best things about a BBQ (in the privacy of your luxury lodge…did we mention that?) is feeling hungry and simply turning on the grill rather than booking a meal out, going into town and donning anything other than the most comfortable of clothes.  Family style is the meal of choice and that’s why we provide you with BBQ facilities.  All you have to do is select your food.

Rather than the adults being in the kitchen, BBQs bring all the family together, the kids can get involved, get their hands sticky with sauce, rip the lettuce and lay the table.  Creating memories is everything, and what better place to make them than right here, in your luxury private lodge with your loved ones.

The Healthy option

With summer comes the omnipresent ring of the ice-cream vans and the lure of sweet bites to enjoy on picnics.  BBQ-ing, generally, is much healthier for you than other forms of cooking.  It’s guilt free indulgence that personifies family time in the sun.  Whether you choose a blackened corn on the cob (either by design or escaping flame), a fresh, crisp salad, un-crumbed chicken, caramelised halloumi or a nice flame grilled steak, delicious and nutritious is the key!  Grilling the food not only enhances the taste, it also holds in all the nutrients which can escape in pots and ovens.  Perfect for meat easters, vegetarians and vegans – have you tried grilled fruit?  We recommend bananas, pineapples and peaches!  You can even go for a theme – American, Texas, Australian, the possibilities are endless!

BBQ facilities right here at South Winchester Lodges:

We know the importance of family time, so each of our lodges come with a fully equipped kitchen, BBQ stand and cooking utensils.  Your lodge is situated just 2 miles from a Sainsbury's supermarket as well as a local butcher and bakery.  If you don’t fancy going out to select your meats, all our major supermarkets deliver the food directly to your door.  You can enjoy your meal in the fresh air, simply fling open your large double doors and you will find yourself on a private decked balcony where you will find a luxurious hot tub and BBQ area.  We highly recommend a dip after lunch!

If you plan to have a BBQ whilst you are here, you can even do a food shop on the way and pop it in the kitchen for later.  All our kitchens come with a dishwasher, oven, hob, fridge, and freezer.

When planning your trip, we highly recommend coinciding with Winchester’s Farmers Market, held on the second and final Sunday of each month.  There you will find the freshest, most colourful of ingredients to adorn your table, from salad leaves to sun ripened fruit to ostrich steaks!!  Whatever you decide to cook we would love to be the destination of choice to help you create those timeless family memories sitting around the table enjoying a feast which you prepared together.

Why not check out our availability right here and start planning your visit…and your ingredients!  Bon appetite!