Summer is officially here and with all the recent difficulties with travelling abroad, why not stay here and enjoy the perfect summer staycation, here at South Winchester Lodges?! We would love to take care of your perfect holiday, and you will definitely enjoy your stay with us while exploring the beautiful nature around Hampshire and all the fun activities in and around Winchester city. So, we have decided to put together top suggestion on what to pack for your summer staycation, as we know holiday packing can be a bit tricky sometimes.

  1. Cosmetic essentials

You can always pack your favourite shampoo and conditioner, but how about packing your body scrub and a face mask to pamper yourself while on holiday?! However, in case you are not really in the mood to do the spa treatment yourself, we’ve got you covered with our beauty treatments. We offer wonderful beauty treatments provided by the beauty professional Lisa from Interblend Skincare - a real indulgence when you experience a break away with us!

  1. Free/rainy days essentials

If you need to fill up some of your free time or if you want to still make the most out of a rainy day in the middle of the summer, think about bringing board games, your favourite book, or downloading your favourite podcasts. Why not even bringing your raincoat, so you can still go out for a walk and enjoy the fresh air?! And don’t forget to pack your comfy pyjamas so you can feel comfy and cosy whenever you want.

  1. Comfortable shoes and other essentials

Whether you are going for a celebration, wedding, or simply a summer escape with the family, think ahead of the game. We bet you look awesome in high heels but pack some comfy walking shoes in case you are planning to explore the woods around. Don’t forget your sunscreen, as well as your sunglasses. They can be a life saver on a hot, sunny day. You can also bring a mosquito repellent together with a first aid kit, just in case. And in the same thought, why not pack your swimsuit, because here at South Winchester we offer lodges with a hot tub so that you can enjoy your cold drink while splashing in the warm water.

  1. Plan your meals

Whether you want to cook a meal yourself or explore the local restaurant in Winchester, you can always plan in advance, so you have that peace of mind for whenever you feel hungry. It is always to bring some packed snacks, such as protein bars, crisps, biscuits, etc.

  1. Electricals

We know our phones are kind of an extension of our hands, however, remember to pack your charger, together with headphones, laptop, camera, or anything else you are planning on bringing with you. Think about bringing some spare batteries in case you travel with younger children who drain the batteries from their toys very fast…we know that part of playing the same song over and over again. 😊

And now, coming to the good part, let me give you some positives for going on staycation rather than going abroad:

  • More affordable, with fewer headaches around ticket buying, airport waits, documents, etc.
  • It is better to go on a staycation if you are planning a shorter break.
  • No jet lag, less planning, and the best part is that you are already familiar with most of the things around you, such as supermarket brands, other shops, chain coffees, and restaurants you like.
  • You won’t have any weight packing restrictions and you will be closer to home.
  • And finally, you won’t need to update your passport, because you won’t need it.

Hopefully, this information will help you feel better when it comes to packing your luggage for this summer’s staycation, and we would love to see you soon here at South Winchester Lodges.

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash