We are officially on the countdown to Christmas if you can believe it!  How do we know this?  Because I’m a Celeb has started!

Before the fairy lights go up, the frost makes everything look like a greetings card and before the shops are in full frenzy with last-minute gift buyers, we humbly present to you: November!  All Saints' Day, Thanksgiving, National Native American Heritage Month, Guy Fawkes, Bonfire night, fireworks! Not to mention it's the most relaxing month - Halloween is done, you have time before New Year (so you don't need to think about resolutions just yet), we were all gifted an extra hour in bed, and we can enjoy the colourful bounty from the recent harvest festivals!

We also think that November is one of the prettiest months of the year, the remaining leaves in the trees look like flames and almost glow in the grey light, since it has been so unseasonably hot, we are just now enjoying the new fashion of hats and matching scarves and the winter boots that go with everything.

There are also plenty of 'silver linings' to see other than the ones painted under the clouds in the watery winter sun; it’s not so cold that everything is all ice and frost, but in the mornings, there is just a gentle hint that Jack Frost has been skating around, French-tipping the fallen leaves in white and dusting the spider webs with little jewels. Definitely photo worthy.

Speaking of which, since we are lucky enough to live in such a unique and breath-taking part of the world, we have put together a list of must-have-selfies around Winchester so that you can experience first-hand the beauty of our fair city.

Best selfie worthy buildings:

The outside of Winchester Cathedral – if you stand where the paths intersect, you will be framed by one of the most iconic buildings, with a Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe style lamp post to one side and you completing the picture on the other.

The inside of Winchester Cathedral of course! Here’s a hint, instead of pointing your camera in the usual panoramic style, try looking down and pointing your camera up!  The ceiling has some truly spectacular carvings, windows, and paintings.

Holy Trinity Church – at this time of year, the trees in the grounds are nearly bare, the sky is watery and moody, and the church is nestled at the bottom of a row of aforementioned trees. The scene is already set, all it needs is you, a hint of dappled light and perhaps a sepia or blank and white filter! 

The William Walker pub – this one is particularly special. So many towns have rows and rows of samey looking buildings, this particular pub is on the corner, so if you stand in the middle the pub at the perfect 90 degrees, it looks like it has been bent around you especially for the photo.  This makes a really beautiful classic selfie.

Winchester City Mill is one of the oldest mills in the whole country. This Grade II listed building attracts upwards of 50,000 visitors a year, that many people can’t be wrong!  There are ample opportunities for stunning selfies as you venture around the Mill, along the river and choose your perfect spot.

Best selfie worthy outdoorsy shots:

St Catherine's Hill - 110-acre of chalk hills, almost vertical drop offs, burial grounds and spectacular views of Winchester spread at your feet. There are so many hidden spots to choose from, we would love to see what you come up with!

The River Itchen is one of our most beloved locations; natural meanders, the clouds reflected in the flowing waters, parts that encompass the picturesque English countryside and others that look more like a mangrove forest. The possibilities are endless!

The Hockley Viaduct provides the setting for some of the more ambitious selfie-takers. Wherever you stand, as long as you have the bridge in view your photo will be worth it.  Whether you are on it looking down, at the foot standing in the semi-circles of sun cast by the structure or simply using it as backdrop.  Remember to smile!

If you want to channel your inner knight and stand amongst the battle ruins, then Wolvesey Castle (residence of the bishops) is a fantastic place to visit. The ruins themselves are very impressive with huge willow trees to set the scene.  Where will you take yours?

Winchesters Military Quarters houses 6 different museums, all right on top of each other. We challenge you to pick a spot where you can fit the maximum numbers of museums in the lens at the same time.  Tip – maybe the best potion is not standing!

That was just 10 locations we chose from memory, Winchester was also home to Jane Austen, King Alfred and inspired much of Keats work, we could create a list as long as Santa’s.  We also submit that our lodges and the ancient woodlands surrounding them are truly stunning and selfie worthy come rain or shine.  Perhaps you will take yours while sitting in the hot tub with the woods as your backdrop, maybe you will take a selfie on the golf course as you get a hole in one, or perhaps you will wait till sunset and snap a shot from the porch of your luxury lodge.

The selfie challenge : Find a unique spot, snap your selfie and then see if you can capture the exact same image either 2 years down the line, or in a different season, perhaps ever a few months later.  Either way, the memories you make will be forever captured in all their selfie glory to treasure forever.  

We can’t wait for you to book your special trip with us and begin unearthing the hidden gems all around you.  Say cheese!!

For more ideas about the wonderful places to visit in Winchester, checkout the Facebook Community Group Windependents.