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Sun, Smiles, and Festival Vibes!

Festival Season is upon us, and Winchester knows how to celebrate this summer! Our fair city, well-known for its tradition, history, architecture and a host of fun things to do…

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The Ultimate June BBQ at South Winchester Lodges

It’s that time of year when we dust off the grills, stock up on the coal and de-rust the spatulas, oh yes, the Time of the BBQ has arrived! A…

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Happy May everyone! There are lots of things noteworthy about this month, not least that we are almost halfway through the year already! If you haven’t had a break since…

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Exploring the Great British Countryside!

“I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils;” – Well said…

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Spring Forward into March!

We love March, it means we are officially in Spring! Cold and flu season is over, the flowers are blooming, the trees are in blossom and the sun is making…

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Top 3 places to visit in Winchester this Spring

The grey skies are etched in blue, the suns warmth is filtering down and a few of the braver little crocuses and daffodils are peeking out of the ground. We…

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Winchester, a city of Romance

Paris? Non, merci. Venice? No grazie. Winchester? Yes please! We have done Christmas, survived New Years and are currently in the looong month of January (you are smashing it by…

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The Calm after the (Christmas) storm - a well earned break

It was lovely; turkeys consumed, cheeks kissed, loved ones met, gifts bestowed and memories made. Now, after all the shopping, the cooking and the twice daily hoovering to receive impromptu…

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Winchester’s best selfie locations! Shhh, it’s a secret!

We are officially on the countdown to Christmas if you can believe it!  How do we know this?  Because I’m a Celeb has started! Before the fairy lights go up,…

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Half term & Halloween? - “It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus!”

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, where kids and adults alike get to shed the confines of the everyday garb and don a Halloween costume of their choosing.…

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"Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly” (Delia Owens)

We are officially in Autumn, ready to welcome russet leaves, harvest festivals, early sunsets and the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness". Well said, that John! Our British summer has…

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The Summer Holidays

What does August mean to you? The fact that it was named after the Roman emperor Augustus? Well…yes, but it’s also the most sought after 6 weeks of the year!…

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Winchester - a slice of history

In this modern age of the new and shiny, it can be a wonderful journey to visit the past. After all, Doc Brown and Marty McFly, Captain Janeway and of…

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The ultimate summer staycation

We are officially in summer! This long-awaited season of yellow sun, blue skies, and greenery so abundant that all you can think about is ice-creams, blankets laid on the grass…

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Winchester – an explosion of culture and entertainment

Greetings to you all during this month of celebration, from May Day to the Kings Coronation to National Devil’s Food Cake Day! We have witnessed explosions of colour and budding…

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Winchester and Hampshire - An open-air adventure

Did you know that ‘April’ comes from the Latin verb aperire which simply means ‘to open’. This word personifies this month beautifully in the opening of new buds, the blooming…

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Hello Spring, Goodbye frost-bite!

The Beatles said many things, including “Here comes the sun” and right now they just happen to be right! It may not be shining its brightest just yet, (indeed, there…

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Longer days, warmer winds, and Winchester’s great outdoors!

With Spring just around the corner and all the beauty that it promises – flowers blooming, lighter evenings, bluer skies and of course, much more fashionable attire, we wanted to…

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Chase away the January Blues with our Winchester Bucket List!

After all the festive frolics you may be feeling a little blue, let us at once alleviate the worry about what to do and how to fill the month with…

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Winchesters answer to Hollywood - a walk in the footsteps of the Stars

‘Tis the season for stars – atop your Christmas tree, adorning wrapping paper, twinkling on a thread of fairy lights – but how about the human kind? The stars from…

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A Winchester Christmas begins in November!

Christmas comes but once a year, but why stick to just one day when you can enjoy weeks of festive fun for the whole family. Whether you enjoy a quiet…

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What to do with candy leftovers and delicious autumn recipes

October is finally here and with it, we can officially announce the start of the spooky season. In case you are looking for some exciting tips on what to do…

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Autumn Bucket List and Events in Winchester this September

Autumn is finally here and so is the smell of pumpkin spice latte, cosy movie nights, rainy days, and more cups of tea! It is easy to spot the beautiful…

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Top 3 attractions around Winchester and interesting events this August

If you are still on the hunt for an exciting and adventurous staycation this summer, look no further! The city of Winchester is a great place that offers plenty of…

10 August 2022
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Top Suggestions on What to Pack for Your Summer Staycation

Summer is officially here and with all the recent difficulties with travelling abroad, why not stay here and enjoy the perfect summer staycation, here at South Winchester Lodges?! We would…

08 July 2022
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Celebrating Wildlife Gardening Week

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have seen recently that we were celebrating Garden Wildlife Week! So, what is Wildlife Gardening? “A wildlife garden is an environment created by…

11 June 2021
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A Guide to Winchester's Top Independent Shops

Whether you’re here to stay or on a weekend away, Winchester’s local independent shops are a must-see for anyone visiting our beautiful city. Thanks to COVID-19, supporting locally is more…

Author: emma 06 November 2020
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Winchester's Michelin Marvel

Fancy yourself a fine diner? We love organizing special evenings out with friends and family, especially when the mutual love for good food is shared. But where, in Winchester, could…

12 May 2021
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PACKING - Nifty or just a nightmare?

We hope to make your life just that little bit easier when it comes to rounding up the family unit for an unforgettable post-lockdown staycation, with these short and sweet…

12 April 2021
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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Winchester

Whether you’re a resident of Winchester, visiting on leisure or here out of cultural curiosity, we know our city is laden with secrets and surprises that never fail to intrigue.…

10 March 2021
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The South Winchester Lodge Experience - Home Edition

Lockdown has been hard for some and harder for most, and we know just how much you all need a relaxing, luxurious and easy stay away from your normal abode.…

17 February 2021
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Long Stay Accommodation

Here at South Winchester Lodges, we are in a position to be able to offer you and your families longer let stays if you are currently unable to stay in…

19 January 2021
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New Year, New You

It’s safe to say a lot of us will be happy to see the end of 2020; welcoming in 2021 with open arms and feelings of hope and anticipation for…

14 December 2020
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Bubbles, Bouquets and Date Night Getaways

Whether you’ve spent quarantine together or apart, it’s time to start thinking about treating that special person in your life. After what’s been, for most of us, a stressful year,…

18 November 2020
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Winchester Walks and Fabulous Food

Are you starting to feel like you just need a bit of a getaway? Some time away from that home office? After having spent most of this year cooped up…

21 October 2020
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Hump Day Getaway

The last day of summer has officially passed, autumn is upon us and that means goodbye to ice creams, wasps and flip flop tan marks – hello indulgent hot chocolate,…

23 September 2020
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A Perfect Staycation

If, like so many others, your holiday plans have been put asunder in the last few months, fear not! The solution is simple; forget queues on the slip roads, crowds…

20 August 2020
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Isolated accommodation available

During this current time of worry and uncertainty we want to do our very best to help as much as we can. If you need to self-isolate, need to offer…

18 March 2020
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The benefits of nature for children and families

We all know that being outside promotes wellness. Not only does it boost our energy, it stimulates creativity and imagination, builds confidence and best of all, it gets kids moving.…

13 January 2021
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The best things to do this February half term!

The January blues are over (hopefully!) and Christmas is a thing of the past… it won’t be long until February is here. For us, that means…lighter evenings, warmer afternoons, bluer…

17 January 2021
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A Magical Christmas in Winchester

We know we have had so many guests visit the Christmas Market this year so here’s our little review of the markets… we would love to welcome you next year…

17 December 2020
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A pre-Christmas break in Winchester

Are you feeling the Christmas rush? This is the perfect time to get away from it all, take a breather and also do your Christmas shopping while you’re at it!…

26 November 2020
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Halloween Fun in Winchester!

It’s time to don your witch hats and dust off your cauldrons… for who knows what awaits you in the heart of Winchester this Halloween...

23 November 2020
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How to have a relaxing family holiday…yes, it’s possible!

Is the ‘relaxing family holiday’ an oxymoron? Or it is achievable?

31 July 2020
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10 great family days out in Hampshire

The best family days out in Hampshire

13 March 2020